Plan the Classiest Ride with Hitch-Hyke

Download our Android app to travel hassle-free. We have modernized the concept of hitch-hyke to make ride secure, fast and cost-convenient.

Book Ride for Yourself or Parcel

Riding has now become easy, choose your ride and mark your location, track or identify your driver’s and vehicle’s picture with your device.

Pay the Way You Want

With us, you can pay through convenient payment mode be it cash after reaching your destination.

Rate the driver

After reaching your destination, don’t forget to rate the ride, so that we can improve our services. Every review is countable as we take appropriate step to improve.


Our advance ride will allow the user to share your vehicle ride with other riders and the processing time is minimized by dispatch
software service to provide user nearest driver and car to save user’s time.

Decide the ride’s path-

Decide the path prior to the ride. We allow drivers to pick their route and rider who want to go that route can hire the ride.

Find customers in proximity

Easy and faster, rides by finding customers easily

Reasonable prices

Rides are priced by driver yet flexible for rider

Get reviewed

Rider, according to your services, can share the ratings.

Secure & Economic Rides

Rides are convenient and a fair price will be charged. We offer the economic ride to suit every pocket.

Negotiable Prices

The best feature of Hitch Hyke, you can negotiate the ride fare before taking the ride, and if accepted by the driver you can go on. You are given an option for cash payment after reaching your destination.

Location and Path Tracking

You can trace the path and the location of the driver; even the picture of driver and the vehicle will be displayed

Professional Drivers

The drivers are checked with their identity and are experienced professionals to prevent any inconvenience.


App allows the driver to put his route as per the vehicle’s capacity.

No hectic and simpler ride, with a driver-decided route, the same route riders can hire the vehicle.

Contact the nearby driver by sending him request.

Now rider can find driver according to by his location and need and can send him request if the driver will go through the same route he will accept your request.

Drivers and rider’s negotiation.

The driver will tell the ride fair and rider if wanted, can negotiate. The fair fare will be decided with their mutual agreement.

Pick-up location.

If the negation prices are accepted by the driver, then he will reach the destined location to pick you/parcel, in this way you can enjoy the classic ride.

Payment at your door-step

At your destination, you will pay the driver via cash payment, and later can rate the ride and driver and can tell us your experience.

What Other Customers Says

Wonderful experience while using Hitchhyke application!!!! It is offering good parcel delivering service to users.

Elijah Wood

I found most economic Easy and faster, rides by finding drivers easily.Negotiation with drivers and choosing the best option at last, make me happy

Zoe Allen

This app gives me extra earning and pleasure to server my driving skills for needed riders on best price as per distance.

John Johnson

Driver Can Put His Route as per his availabity and can get relevent ride request. I offer what suits & comfortable for me.

Erik Butler

Negotiation is the best part in this app where I choose the more cheeper ride and once it completed succssfully only then I need to pay driver.

Nicholas Moore

Support system is appreciable, whenever any issue informed to them the response get received instantly which is really satisfactory.

David Scott

Why ride with hitch-hyke.

Multiple Compliant Locations

Just a Press Away

Shared and comfy rides within minutes

No pre-time fare and no waiting charges

Rides for every pocket

No surge prices

Safe and secure experience


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